Frequently Asked Questions

Please have a read through our frequently asked questions before proceeding to the Contact Us page.

Do you need to book in advance?
No... you just have to come to the lake when we're open and put your name on the list.
It's my first visit to the club. What should I bring?
You only need to bring a swim suit and a towel. Wet suits, life jackets and skis/wakeboard will be provided. See our Newcomers page.
Can I book a time when I can ski?
No... the club operates a first come first served list system for members. Visitors are welcomed and will be fitted in to the list around the members who have priority.
I'm a visitor can I just turn up and ski?
To avoid disappointment it is advisable to telephone the club and determine the length of the list. At club opening times there is a higher chance of getting a ski within a reasonable time.
How long will I have to wait?
It’s hard to say as it varies on any given day, it all comes down to how many other members/visitors arrive before you… Arriving at the club's opening time generally minimises waiting.
How much does it cost?
The charges for ski tows are shown in our Membership section.
Do I need to pay extra for a lesson?
No... Our boat drivers are always happy to help with instruction.
How long is a tow?
A tow is 10 minutes or 8 passes of the slalom course. 10 minutes might not seem long but water skiing is a high energy sport. Skiing when you are tired is a health and safety risk.
Can I come down with some friends?
You are welcome to bring friends. Please be aware that, if they wish to ski this will not be possible as a group. Rather, they will be slotted in to the list between members. The time taken to ski everyone in your group will vary according to how busy the club is.
I’d like to arrange a corporate/group event, how do I do this?
We are pleased to arrange corporate / group events. Please see our Corporate section.
Is there a shop on site selling water ski equipment or food and drink?
No... There is no shop. We do provide ski equipment for skiers and tea and coffee is usually available. A supermarket is only a 5 minutes’ walk away.
Can I launch my own powerboat, windsurfer, paddle board or canoe on the lake?
No... for safety reasons only one boat is allowed to be operated on the lake at any time.

If you have any further questions please use the Contact Us page.